With unemployment on the rise and more families needing help, federal changes have been made to the SNAP program. These changes include increased assistance, suspension of time limits and more.

According to Alabama Arise, a new federal law will include the following SNAP program changes:

  • Suspension of limits
  • Reduced administrative burdens
  • Increased assistance for most families
  • Replacement of school meals with SNAP & SNAP-Like assistance

Alabama Arise is also recommending that more be done to help those in need here in Alabama. Along with other changes, they've recommended increasing the overall SNAP assistance and raise the minimum benefit level. According to Alabama Arise "These SNAP improvements would boost the economy by increasing consumer spending. Most importantly, they would help families get the nutrition they need to stay healthy during this pandemic and beyond."


(Source) For more resources and to read the full story on Alabama Arise, click here.


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