Not only has this year's 'Bacon, Brew & Cue' undergone a name change but will also feature a vast new array of beers from Alabama and across the U.S.

'Bacon, Brew & Cue' presented by New Belgium will take place on October 7th and 8th at the Munny Sokol Park Horse Arena.

Here’s a list of some of the breweries that will take part in this amazing two day event!

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    New Belgium

    Fort Collins, CO

    Located in Fort Collins, CO, New Belgium Brewing is not only our presenting sponsor this year but are the third largest craft brewer in the U.S. They produce seven year-round beers; Fat Tire Amber Ale, Sunshine Wheat, Blue Paddle Pilsner, 1554 Black Ale, Abbey, Mothership Wit and Trippel, as well as a host of seasonal releases.

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    Trim Tab Brewing

    Birmingham, AL

    Birmingham based Trim Tab Brewing crafts beers of balance and celebrate the small, unassuming sources that create large-scale positive change - the trim tab. Boom.

  • Old Black Bear Brewing
    Old Black Bear Brewing

    Old Black Bear

    Madison, AL

    Old Black Bear in Madison, Alabama believes that you are rewarded as a product of hard work, and that your beer should not just represent your taste in beverage, but it should really represent the kind of person you are. Black Bears are very diligent, intense, and resolute workers. They work to survive. Have you ever seen a Black Bear catch a fish? It's pretty awesome. It's a great mascot to represent the kind of people they expect to drink our beer.

  • Singing River Brewing Company
    Singing River Brewing Company

    Singin’ River Brewing

    Florence, AL

    Both Rob and Michelle Jones grew up on the Tennessee River and their childhoods were spent on the sandy banks and in the cool waterways, but eventually their lives took them elsewhere—and as the story goes, they met each other and fell in love. For fun they toured the country visiting microbreweries, while Rob brewed beer in their apartment. However, as the Singing River often does, it called them back home to Florence, Alabama, where they decided to follow their dream and bring the first craft brewery to the Quad Cities when they opened Singin’ River Brewing Company in 2014.

  • Goat Island Brewing
    Goat Island Brewing

    Goat Island Brewing

    Cullman, AL

    Goat Island Brewing founders, Mike Mullaney and Gery Teichmiller met during the Cullman Oktoberfest Celebration in 2012. Both were avid home brewers and loved to design and perfect beer recipes. Both had a faithful following of friends and family who loved their beers. When the two of them began to collaborate and brew together the synergy took their beer recipes to a new level. When the two of them got an opportunity to help start the first brewery in Cullman since the 1880s, they jumped at it. They along with John Dean and Brad Glenn formed the Blue Moose Brew Crew. They brewed their beers and served them at the Blue Moose Café and Brewpub in 2013. The beers were a huge success which lead to Goat Island Brewing being formed in 2015.

  • Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery
    Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery

    Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery

    Farmville, NC

    Paul Philippon was happily pursuing a career teaching philosophy when the siren song of brewing beer, his hobby since 1987, could no longer be ignored. He went to work for a succession of three breweries until he felt his experience was sufficient to try to open a brewery himself. The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery was born! Duck-Rabbit sold its first beer in August of 2004 and has been growing steadily ever since.

  • New Holland Brewing Company
    New Holland Brewing Company

    New Holland Brewing Company

    Holland, MI

    New Holland Brewing Company’s deep roots in the craft industry go back to 1997. Their role as an integral member of the artisan approach is something we take seriously, yet engage lightheartedly. They believe the art of craft lives in fostering rich experiences for their customers, through creating authentic beer, spirits and food while providing great service.

  • Red Hare Brewing
    Red Hare Brewing

    Red Hare Brewing Company

    Marietta, GA

    Red Hare Brewing Company is an independent microbrewery located in the heart of Marietta, GA. In August 2011, Red Hare started selling craft beer throughout the state of Georgia and in 2012 became the first craft brewery in Georgia to can their beer. Red Hare Brewing Company was named FOURTH best brewery in the 2016 U.S. Open Beer Championship, accepting FIVE medals! Red Hare offers four year round beers, in addition to seasonal and craft soda brands.

  • Star Hill Brewery
    Star Hill Brewery

    Starr Hill Brewery

    Charlottesville, VA

    In the early 1990s, Mark Thompson took his biology degree from James Madison University and moved to Portland, Oregon. Working alongside brewers in Oregon and Colorado, Mark honed his artisanal beer recipes. An old friend of Mark’s was looking to start a brewpub and music hall back in Charlottesville. In September 1999, they partnered to found Starr Hill Brewery out of a passion for great beer and live music. Named after the local neighborhood, the brewery shared its space with the legendary Starr Hill Music Hall.

  • Highland Brewing Company
    Highland Brewing Company

    Highland Brewing Company

    Asheville, NC

    Highland Brewing Company, Asheville’s first legal brewery since Prohibition, began in a downtown basement in 1994. Where else could a Jamaican man of Chinese descent start a brewery that honors Scots-Irish heritage? Oscar Wong founded Highland, which is now in its second generation of family ownership. Highland’s president is Leah Wong Ashburn, Oscar’s daughter.

  • Terrapin Beer Co.
    Terrapin Beer Co.

    Terrapin Beer Company

    Athens, GA

    Terrapin Beer Co. was born when two brewers met while working together at a microbrewery in Atlanta. Spike and John felt they could make a contribution to the burgeoning Southeastern craft beer scene. Realizing that anyone could make another basic pale ale, brown ale, or stout, Spike and John set their sights on creating beers unlike any that were currently available in the Southeast.

  • Boulevard Brewing Company
    Boulevard Brewing Company

    Boulevard Brewing Company

    Kansas City, MO

    Boulevard Brewing Company has grown to be the largest specialty brewer in the Midwest, with full or partial distribution currently in 31 states and Washington DC. Since 1989, Boulevard has remained dedicated to the craft of producing fresh, flavorful beers using traditional ingredients and the best of both old and new brewing techniques. Their selection of fine ales and lagers include the Midwest's best-selling craft beer, Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer, our flagship Boulevard Pale Ale, and The Smokestack Series line of artisanal beers. We are proud to be Kansas City's Beer.

  • Abita Brewing Company
    Abita Brewing Company

    Abita Brewing Company

    Abita Springs, LA

    The Abita Brewery was founded in 1986 in the piney woods of Abita Springs north of New Orleans. Abita's lagers and ales are hand-crafted with the pure artesian water that has flowed beneath Abita Springs for generations.

  • Samuel Adams
    Samuel Adams

    Samuel Adams

    Boston, MA

    Jim Koch founded the Boston Beer Company back in 1984 after brewing the first batch of Samuel Adams Boston Lager in his kitchen. It was his mission to reshape the way American beer drinkers thought of American beer.
    Just six weeks after introducing Samuel Adams Boston Lager to the public, it brought home the "Best Beer in America" honors at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. Today, Samuel Adams makes more than 21 styles of award winning beer and is recognized around the globe as a hot house of new beer ideas.

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