In the words of Gloria (Rosie Perez) on the movie White Men Can't Jump, "Sometimes when you win, you really lose; and sometimes when you lose, you really win..."  Nobody knows this better than Auburn fans!

In a moment of celebration following the Iron Bowl, fans rushed the field.  Sure, it was a moment of joy, pure bliss even.  But what should have the school on an emotional high turned into a low in a matter of days.

The Associated Press reports that the Southeastern Conference has fined Auburn $250,000 because of the fans' reactions, and it seems that this isn't the first time the fans have caused problems for the team.  Saturday's rushing of the field is said to be the school’s fourth violation of the league’s policy prohibiting fan access to the field or court. Source.

With SEC fines starting at $50,000 for a first offense and going up to $250,000 for a third and subsequent violations, maybe Auburn fans see rushing the field as worth the cost.


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