So, I was driving to work yesterday afternoon, heading south on 3rd Avenue East, about to make a right turn on to Skyland Boulevard, when I heard what sounded like a GIANT Trash Can being SMASHED followed my a LOUD screeching sound. As I looked to my left toward the sound of the screeching, I saw a white SUV slowly rolling on TOP of the guardrail, and then come to a complete stop. The vehicle was headed west on Skyland Boulevard, but it wound up on the guardrail protecting the eastbound lane.

The "Trash Can" sound I heard, was where the SUV had initially crashed INTO the guardrail, and the "Screeching" I heard was the SUV coasting ON the guardrail until it quit rolling. As I looked around, I noticed that there were absolutely NO vehicles anywhere CLOSE to the vehicle in either the westbound, or eastbound lanes. But somehow, the vehicle wound up on a GUARDRAIL, inches away from crashing head-on into a cement beam which holds up the pedestrian walkway over Skyland Boulevard.

Fortunately, there were NO cars ANYWHERE near the accident, because the result would've been a LOT worse. And the Driver was able to walk away from the accident. However, I got curious and had to ask myself, "What would cause an SUV, without ANY traffic in EITHER direction, to drive INTO and OVER a guardrail on the other side of Skyland Boulevard?"  I'll let you figure that one out for yourself. But without seeing the accident report, I think I have a pretty good idea......and this serves a GOOD reminder for all of us.


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