In light of the massive amount of sexual misconduct allegations made against Harvey Weinstein, Dolly Parton is weighing in on her experience with the media mogul, calling the situation these women were put through a "really heartbreaking thing all around."

However, she reveals she was not subject to this same treatment when she worked with him.

The two collaborated briefly during Parton's multi-decade career, as she tells Fox Business. "I only worked with Harvey once, and the only thing I remember he worked my butt off … he was a businessman also. But I never had the problems with him that some of them did," she says.

After an investigative story was published in the New Yorker on Oct. 10, Weinstein has faced a firestorm of accusations that he's spent years subjecting women to a variety of situations involving sexual misconduct.

Parton shares her own advice for young women entering the entertainment business who may be faced with similar situations. "I think things like this are going to bring [awareness] to the forefront and I think that’ll give [women] extra strength to say, ‘Hey, remember what happened here, you better back off a little bit,’” she explains.

“I grew up in a family of six brothers and my dad and my uncle, so they kind of taught me the ropes, you know, if I got in those situations," she relates. "And so I just kind of have been lucky -- really, luckier than most. But it’s a sad situation, I agree.”

The superstar recently released her first children's album, I Believe in You, on Oct. 13. She'll pay tribute to her longtime friend Kenny Rogers alongside a star-studded cast including Little Big Town, Alison Krauss, Idina Menzel and more at the All in for The Gambler: Kenny Rogers’ Farewell Concert Celebration on Oct. 25.

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