This one sight can strike terror into the hearts of grown folks across the world, often stopping them in their tracks--literally. It happened to me, and now I am in full-on freak out mode.

I'm talking about the 'check engine' light. Mine came on, and daaaang it, I can't think about anything else now. I went to a local auto parts store to have the engine code checked, and I was told my little Passat has a "very small evaporative emission system leak." Great. Kiss my you-know-what, Code P0456.

This means that a) I just need a new gas cap or b) my car could explode and kill me in a fiery ball of death at any given moment.

Fun, huh? I have to wait until tomorrow to have it checked out by an actual mechanic, but I don't know if my anxiety will allow me to function in society until then. I'm a mess.

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