Who knew the perfect country and western song included a line encouraging a 14-year-old to spurn Alabama and Nick Saban? Okay, maybe this isn't the perfect country and western song but it might be the first about high school recruiting.

Angie Keilhauer, a former contestant on NBC's 'The Voice' and now a touring country artist, performed a song she wrote during an appearance on a Nashville show and it's all about encouraging 14-year-old Kiyaunta Goodwin to play college football anywhere but Alabama. The 6-foot-7, 370 pound offensive lineman already has offers from multiple major schools, including the Crimson Tide, and he's already well-known across the country as this song suggests.

Keilhauer grew up in Georgia so maybe she's a fan of the Bulldogs, which would make sense. Maybe she's just a college football fan tired of seeing Alabama win. Both reasons would be perfectly reasonable. Either way, you have to respect someone that follows the sport so closely that they are aware of a football recruit that hasn't even played a down for his varsity team yet.

Goodwin appeared on Tide 102.9 earlier this summer to discuss his recruiting process and the Alabama offer he received. Check out the conversation in the video below.


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