Consider Giving This Sweet dog A New Loving Home 

I've always admired pets who were once homeless. Especially the animals that we in tough situations and remain playful, social, and happy. It has to be hard going through some of their situations. Imagine having a loving relationship with your owner and they pass away, or being abandoned by your owner. One moment you're having the time of your life with the perfect family for you, and the next, you're all alone.

There are plenty of animals with stories similar to this and are in need of a new loving home here in West Alabama. This week's HSWA Pet of the Week is Laney.

Press Release 
Laney is a 3 to 4-year old Labrador retriever mix with a beautiful brindle coat. After being picked up by Animal Control, Laney spent two months at our local animal shelter hoping to find a new home. After seeing how social she is, we were very excited to bring her to our Dog House where she can play, go for walks on a leash, and get loved on. Laney is a very sweet dog, but sometimes has a fearful reaction to some (but not all) men she meets so something may have happened in her past to make her scared. This gorgeous girl is sure to make a great companion for someone who wants a little extra love in their life.
Laney is up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed, heartworm negative, and microchipped. Laney's adoption fee is $75. Please call us at 205-554-0011 or email to set up an appointment to meet her.
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