City of Tuscaloosa residents have been awarded an increased discount on flood insurance policies due to the City's efforts in protecting the community from severe floods.

Tuscaloosa has moved up in the Federal Emergency Management Agency program to a Class 8, which means residents receive a 10 percent discount on plans.

Josh Yates, storm drainage engineer for the City of Tuscaloosa said,

FEMA has developed the Community Ratings System program to reward communities with discounts to their citizens for going above and beyond the minimum standards to protect their community from the dangers and impacts a flood could impose.

A press release from the city also read,

The program was implemented in 1990 as a voluntary program to encourage communities to exceed the minimum standards of floodplain management. This provides discounts to flood insurance premium rates for all citizens of the communities who participate in the program. Discounts to premium rates are discounted in increments of 5 percent. Entry-level communities are labeled as Class 9 and start at a 5 percent discount. They can gradually increase and reach the highest grade of Class 1, which is awarded a 45 percent discount.

Tuscaloosa was recognized last year for entering the program and received a 5 percent discount citywide. The City has now improved to a Class 8, which entails a 10 percent discount that will save over $50,000 in premiums on an annual basis for the City's 500-600 flood insurance policy holders. This averages around $100 per policy per year.

For more information or any questions on the City's floodplain management program, contact Josh Yates at 205-248-5380 or click here.

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