So home is where the heart is and all I can say is wow!! Tuscaloosa is where my heart is but no luck finding a place to call home.

Apartment searching is just … well crazy! It costs a small fortune to even apply. $50 here another $35 there… it all adds up!

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By the time you are done applying for what you believe is an available apartment, you get the call the unit is rented. Let’s not forget the application fee is nonrefundable.

By the time you are done applying for an apartment that’s “seems” available, your monthly rent is gone…

No that’s not funny. Especially when you spend enough hours searching that it could be considered a part-time job.

Is it just me, or am I in my own personal nightmare? Does anyone else have this issue also? How can these complexes rent an apartment so fast! I mean come on! That kind of turnaround time would make NASCAR pit crews jealous!


So, is there a trick to finding a place to call home?  Are there insider hacks available that help in locating your humble abode?  Are the “nonrefundable” fifty-dollar application fees a scam to generate easy revenue for the apartment complexes?  Come on guys…give the new guy a break.  What’s your secret?!?

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