So you think you can sing???

So you know back in  2016, Fox ended the show American Idol. Well, it's back, this time on ABC,  American Idol Reboot!

ABC has brought back Ryan Seacrest as a host, he's expected to make $10 million dollars!  They have alos hired their first Judge, Katy Perry!  She'll make $25 MILLION a year to be a judge! Wow, how can I be down??

Rob Mills, ABC’s head of alternative programming said in a interview with Variety " We don’t have to make any decisions immediately so we’re taking a lot of meetings because you want to get it right” .The network isn’t pressured just yet because though auditions start next week he judges’ auditions don’t begin until October.

Speaking of Auditions!!  American Idol has announced its audition cities for the new season, and Muscle Shoals is on the list.

Auditions in the Shoals will be held at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame, 617 U.S. 72 West, Tuscumbia. on SEPT 7th   Not sure of the time yet.

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