After two years of speculation over what new business would come to land cleared next to Lowe's on McFarland Boulevard in Northport, city officials announced the first new tenant in the space Tuesday afternoon -- an ALDI grocery store.

City Councilman Jeff Hogg and developer Wilson Moore of Pritchett-Moore Realty announced the news on Facebook Thursday afternoon.

City Council President Jay Logan said the new grocery store will generate some much needed sales tax revenue in Northport and that several more announcements about that development space are coming soon.

The newly announced ALDI signifies the first step in the public-private partnership between the city and the developers to bring new-to-market retailers and perhaps even a three-star hotel to that area.

Logan said there's no set opening date for the ALDI yet, but said he was excited to see it coming to his district and urged listeners to keep their eyes and ears open for more announcements about that area soon.


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