Alabama Unemployment Rate Rises To 6.6%

COVID-19 has had a negative impact on jobs all around the nation. In Alabama, we're seeing our unemployment number rise more and more.

Alabama's unemployment rate for the month of September rose to 6.6%. According to ABC 33/40, this is higher than the August rate which was a full percentage point below September's total.

It's no secret that COVID-19 is negatively impacting our state's economy. Alabama's labor secretary, Fitzgerald Washington spoke on the September unemployment rate numbers. Offering his explanation stating, “In September, we saw fewer people entering the labor force, fewer people working, and more who were counted as unemployed. All of those factors will increase the unemployment rate. We will continue to work with employers and the unemployed to put Alabamians back to work.” The holiday season should offer some relief to those looking for work but that is just for a short period of time. I hope there can be some more listing changes to the economy soon.

This week, I've noticed so many people out of jobs due to COVID-19. We're getting closer and closer to a year with COVID and the effects are still as relevant as they were in April and June.

If you're still employed during these hard times, count your blessings. So many are looking for work and are feeling hopeless. If you're out of work, I encourage you to continue looking for opportunities. I can't imagine how tough things are for you and I hope they get better soon.

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