On Thursday, a group of Alabama State Troopers met a young boy whose big wish was to be a Trooper for a day.

6-year-old Connor Wilson has been battling anaplastic ependymoma for the majority of his life and is unfortunately in the end-stages of the disease.

Alabama State Trooper Daniel picked up Connor at his residence in Birmingham and drove him to Chuck E. Cheese on Thursday so he could be around the men who made such an impact on his young life.

The organization made Connor an Honorary Trooper last year when they visited him at Children's Hospital in Birmingham as he was going through chemo treatments. When the Alabama State Troopers Association received word on June 30th that Hospice had been called in, the officers knew they had to make another visit and give him the honor of being Trooper for the day.

Far too often a terrible light is shown on the men and women of law enforcement and it's special moments like these that seldom see the light of day. Six men now have a permanent bond with this young man that can never be broken and Connor experienced a day he will never forget.

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