Former University of Alabama Corner Back Trevon Diggs has been making waves in the NFL. Especially in the 2021 season.

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Diggs ended the 2021 season being selected to the AP NFL All-Pro First team - Defense.

If you watched the NFL last season you don't have to wonder why. Diggs was all over the field snagging passes from Quarterbacks all season long.


In just four games last season, Trevon Diggs landed 5 interceptions.


It felt like there was no Quarterback safe from Diggs last season. Not even future Hall of Famer Tom Brady.

Can we count this interception as revenge against all Georgia fans?


It's almost time for the return of NFL football and fans are looking forward to one superstar in particular.

Aaiden Diggs.

During training camp, Aaiden Diggs addressed the media with his father Trevon Diggs by his side. It's safe to say, Aaiden stole the show.

A clip of Aaiden Diggs is now going viral, and people are requesting his presence at every Cowboys press conference.

While visiting his dad at camp, Aaiden addressed the media saying,

"Every time I'm with my dad I love it because he gets me picks and it makes me happy," 5-year-old Aaiden said. "I love the whole world, I love God and Jesus, and I love my family.”


How could you not love this young kid? He's too adorable and full of personality.

We hope to see more of Aaiden this season as well as continued success from Trevon Diggs. Let's continue to remind the league that Trevon Diggs was #BuiltByBama.

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