We have a couple ACTIVE public health alerts for some meats sold in Alabama from the USDA. All information on these health alerts comes from the USDA.

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These food stories, and the constant amount of new stories are making me nervous.

Maybe you have heard stories about food factories and warehouses being burned to the ground.

Some say we are headed for some big food shortages in the winter months.

We will see soon enough.


First, let's look at a health alert that is NOT a recall.

The USDA FSIS (Food Safety and Inspection Service) stated that Ready-to-cook chicken entree meals that are labeled "Aprons ready to cook meal for one bacon-cheddar smothered chicken" did not have an allergen warning on the packages.

They contain egg, a known allergen, which is not printed on the boxes, according to FSIS.

The products have this establishment number "P-48176" in the USDA inspection mark.

FSIS declared the meals were shipped to Publix stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and other states in the southeast.

Full alert info can be found here on the Food Safety and Inspection website.


According to FSIS, a Georgia food company is recalling 4,800 pounds of chicken and pork smoked sausage products due to CONTAMINATION with EXTRANEOUS materials, mainly thin PLASTIC.

FSIS warned that these are fully cooked chicken and pork smoked sausage packages labeled as "Georgia Special Chicken and Pork Smoked Sausage" with a SELL date of 10-28-22!

The discovery came after customers complained that plastic was embedded inside the sausage food items, according to the FSIS.

Full alert info can be found here on the Food Safety and Inspection website.

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