I've been having the hardest time driving around Tuscaloosa. If you were to listen to me during my morning commute, you would hear more cuss words than an explicit Southern-rap album. I've been here for almost 5 months and every day I notice something is a little different when it comes to driving in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Share this with your friends who are visiting, or your teenage child who will be driving soon to save a life.

1. They don't drive the speed limit. They don't even come close to speeding. If anything, people drive slower than the actual speed limit. There are literally snail races on major roadways. This makes for lots of anger and frustration when you have somewhere to be.

2. Stop Sign? What's that? They don't stop at them. If anything, you should just wait until all the cars on the other side go, so that you don't end up in a major accident.

3. Roundabouts. Um...About that.... I've literally seen ADULTS drive the wrong way multiple times in the roundabout in my neighborhood. I can only imagine what happens on a real road in Tuscaloosa.

4.Blinker. Nope! I don't even think cars here come equipped with blinkers, because I've never see anyone use them.

5. Lastly, this is the thing that gets me the most! Construction on McFarland near the interstate has been going on since I've moved here. By now, everyone should know that the far right lane is closed. But yet, people still drive in that lane until the last minute and then cut you off and call you everything but a child of God,to get over. WHY! WHY! WHY!

Happy Driving!

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