A few days ago I asked you where to go to see Christmas lights in our area.   I can't wait to take the family and check these out!  Here's a list of some of the places you recommended plus one we already knew about.


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    Fayette Christmas at the Park

    This seemed to be the #1 recommended.  From what I can find, The Christmas Lights display is now open through Dec 31 at Guthrie Park. Nightly from 5:30 until 9:30.Park Lights.  You can either drive through or ride a train around.

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    Charlie says "Woodstock at the light has a light show behind the gas sation. Tune in the radio and the lights play off the music, its amazing!  Go up the interstate take Mercedes exit turn right at the fork go all the way down then turn left on Highway 11 keep going straight.

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    Clear Creek Neighborhood in Northport

    Recommended by Tami & Britney, sounds like this is a good one.

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    Maddie's Light

    Darrell invited us to come see Maddie's Lights, 316 Old Bridge Rd in Tuscaloosa.  See more here

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    Tinsel Trail

    This Tuscaloosa's Riverwalk is lit with 150 + live Christmas trees sponsored and decorated by local businesses, organizations, and individuals.

     Tinsel Trail is a project of Tuscaloosa’s One Place, a Family Resource Center, dedicated to making a difference in the lives of local families.  They serve over 8,500 people per year through afterschool programs, parenting and fatherhood, healthy relationship education, career development, GED classes, and teen intervention programs.  Proceeds from Tinsel Trail are used to support these programs and serve our local community.

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