Today’s news is…well, it’s not great, Bob! Between the FCC repealing net neutrality and Disney’s acquisition of Fox (which means good things for your favorite characters, but bad things for filmmaking and studio employees), headlines are pretty upsetting right now. We’ll take whatever sliver of optimism we can get, especially when it’s something as surprising as Josh and Benny Safdie directing a remake of 48 Hrs.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the New York filmmaking duo behind Good Time have signed on to direct a remake of 48 Hrs., Walter Hill’s gritty buddy cop movie starring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte. The Safdie brothers’ latest feature, which stars Robert Pattinson as a grimy, opportunistic thief, is currently earning acclaim on the indie awards circuit. (If you’re unfamiliar with their work, the Safdies’ second feature, Heaven Knows What, is available to stream on Netflix.)

In addition to co-directing and playing a powerful supporting role in Good Time, Josh Safdie co-wrote the screenplay with Ronald Bronstein. The pair will once again take on co-scripting duties for 48 Hrs., this time working alongside Jerrod Carmichael — the comedian and star of The Carmichael Show. Benny and Josh Safdie will co-direct the feature based on the 1982 action-comedy, which starred Nick Nolte as a rogue cop who teams up with Eddie Murphy’s bank robber character to solve a string of cop killings in 48 hours.

On top of the 48 Hrs. remake, the Safdies are currently working on Uncut Gems, a film about New York’s Diamond District with Jonah Hill attached to play the lead role. They’re also trying to cook up another project with Robert Pattinson.

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