When Hank Williams Jr. fell from a Montana mountain, it wasn't his first brush with death. In fact, that wasn't even his first brush with death that year! The country outlaw was struggling with some major issues that almost ended his career and life before he really got started.

The son of Hank Williams was bred to be a country singer — literally. After his father's death, his mother set him on the road to sing Hank Sr.'s songs, but after awhile, Hank wanted to do his own thing. That didn't sit well with family, friends and fans of the Father of Country Music. The internal struggle led to ... well, you'll have to watch.

This episode of You Think You Know Country? is filled with information on Bocephus' childhood, as well as looks at his many, many faces. Watch to see clean-shaven Hank, and to understand why he's considered by many to be among the all-time Top 5 in the format. Of course, when you're through, subscribe so you never miss an episode.

You Think You Know the '90s?

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