Do you ever wonder how it would be to take a vacation with your favorite athlete? What about with the radio personality you listen to every day? If you've ever thought about either of these or if you're a workaholic and need a bit of a self-incentive to take the break you so desperately need, this is for you!

The Crimson Tide Cruise will take you on a spectacular vacation to Cozumel, Mexico. That alone is quite appealing, but can you imagine walking along the deck and directly into Siran Stacy? You chat it up a bit, move along, go to the pool, sit in a lawn chair, close your eyes, and you hear, "Is anyone sitting here?" You open your eyes to look at the person you're answering, and there's Andrew Zow, Eddie Jackson, or Tyrone Prothro.

Later, you're enjoying a meal and you here a very familiar voice. You look in the direction from which it's coming and see your favorite radio personality. You end up at a party together that night and hang out a bit throughout the trip.

If any of this sounds appealing, go ahead and book your cabin for the Crimson Tide Cruise. February 14-18 enjoy a fabulous cruise to Cozumel, Mexico aboard the Carnival Fantasy, touted as your "stadium at sea." In addition to well appointed staterooms, dining options, a serene spa, and Las Vegas style gaming, there are plenty of ways to enjoy hot or cold water including hot tubs, pools, and a waterslide. All of this while traveling alongside Crimson Tide superstars.

It sounds like such great fun that we had to get in on it! A personality from our station will be on board right there with you!

One lucky person will win a cabin, but you can purchase yours (and get more information about the cruise) right here.

Oh! And the cost begins at less than $500 per person... No, not $499.  Even lower than that.  You like that, right?  Of course you do! Now, go and click the link.

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