Blake Shelton recently shared an amazing throwback picture of himself receiving a shotgun from Rascal Flatts. The mid-'00s snap recalls some of his best photo moments, most of which he graciously shared on Twitter.

There's the time he dressed up as a chicken and pretended to pass out with a bottle of vodka in his wing (it was pretend, right?). Of course who can forget his Photoshop wizardry of a picture of Adam Levine and his wife? Who knew Shelton had those curves beneath all that flannel!

Blurred out pictures of Chris Young's crotch and another of Shelton's own manhood are also included in this video of 5 Blake Shelton Pics That Make Us Go WTF?! It's a strange trip down memory lane for a singer and entertainer who has jumped head first into dozens of bizarre scenarios. The baby pictures, the teenager picture and the mullet pictures could have ballooned this list to 55 photos.

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Shelton is enjoying a little break from the road before he resumes touring in mid-August. Then he'll return for yet another season of The Voice on NBC. Season 13 is set to premiere in September.

He is also said to be working on new music, but there's been no confirmation about when a single or album may be released, or what the title of either would be.

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