On Jan. 21, millions of Americans, and supporters around the world, rallied and marched in protest of newly inaugurated U.S. President Donald Trump. A number of country artists voiced their opinions on the Women's March protests on Twitter -- and some even joined in.

Stars such as Cam, Karen Fairchild, LeAnn Rimes, Kacey Musgraves and more offered words of support and shared photos from the Women's March events taking place across the globe, and just as a number of men (and children and pets) showed up at the female-focused rallies to lend their voices to the cause, the Brothers Osborne shared words of encouragement.

Meghan Linsey, meanwhile, decided to participate in the Nashville-area Women's March. On Twitter, she shared a photo of herself from the event; in it, the singer is holding up a peace sign and a poster reading "A woman's place is in the revolution."

Not everyone's messages were positive, however: Charlie Daniels' thoughts were aimed at "the far left," although it's unclear if he was specifically talking about the Women's March or reacting in general to those bothered by Trump winning the presidency.

The #WomensMarch hashtag trended on social media on Saturday and Sunday (Jan. 22) as events took place in Washington, DC, and a number of other cities in the U.S.; still more protested in Mexico, England, Spain and more. Reuters estimates that nearly 5 million people took part overall, including 750,000 in Los Angeles, 125,000-200,000 in Chicago and somewhere between 400,000 and 600,000 in New York City.

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