Willie Nelson has taken a part in an ambitious project from actor Woody Harrelson: The country star (and occasional actor) will appear in the first-ever "live cinema" event, titled Lost in London.

EW reports that Lost in London was inspired by a 2002 incident, when Harrelson broke an ashtray in the back of a London cab and wound up spending a night in jail; "if that hadn’t happened, I never would have thought to do this ... [b]ut in this film, the whole night starts bad and keeps getting progressively worse," Harrelson explains. The actor wrote the film, and will direct and star in it, along with, according to the above trailer, Nelson and Owen Wilson.

Details about Lost in London, including Nelson's exact role, are sparse, but the idea behind such a "live cinema" event is this: The 100-minute feature film will be shot live (and in one continuous take), and screen in more than 500 theaters at that exact same time.

“There has been live theater streamed into cinemas before, but this is a real movie, with 14 different locations and a 30-person cast," Harrelson notes; in the trailer, he adds, "No one’s ever been that stupid — until now.”

Nigel Willoughby is the cinematographer for Lost in London, which Harrelson describes as "a deep, soul-searching comedy ... about a guy who has it all and runs the risk of losing it all. And then hopefully ends up with this shot at redemption."

Lost in London will shoot in London in the middle of the night local time and be broadcast to theaters in the U.S. beginning at 9PM ET on Jan. 19. More information is available on Fathom Events’ website.

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