Willie Nelson is once again the target of an internet death hoax. Rumors that the iconic country singer had died began circulating early Thursday morning (Aug. 3) — but it's not true. Nelson's manager quickly debunked the reports.

A tweet from an AM radio station in Chicago started the fire, and it spread quickly:


News station KXAN out of Austin, Texas, and MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle spoke with Nelson's representatives and were able to confirm that the singer is alive and well.

While the internet seems determined to push Willie Nelson into his grave, the star finds the antics quite comical. In fact, he even wrote a song about all the death hoaxes he's fallen victim to in recent years. You can check out the hilarious video for "Still Not Dead" here.

Currently, the aging country music star is staying busy. He just released an album this year, a day before turning 84.

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