As the summer heats up, we're all looking for a way to cool off.  Jump in the pool, a tall glass of sweet tea or maybe a cold beer.

In the United States, beer is by far the #1 choice for those who drink alcohol.  43% drink beer compared to 32% who drink wine and 20% who drink liquor.

USA Today ranked all 50 states to see which state drinks the most beer per capita and Alabama sits at #17 with almost 29 gallons per person per year.  We also have the 3rd highest beer tax rate but the 3rd lowest number of bars and restaurants per 100,000 people.  New Hampshire was the #1 beer drinking state with over 40 gallons per capita.  Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin round out the top 5.

If you're a beer drinker you won't want to miss our 5th Annual Bacon, Brew & Que August 25 at the Tuscaloosa River Market.  See more here, ticket details are coming soon.


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