It's been almost a month since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of sports betting and we've already seen some states make it available.

Delaware was the first push it through while New Jersey just followed suit and began offering legalized sports gambling this week. Those two states joined Nevada as the only in the country where people could place a bet on their favorite team.

Now the attention turns towards the southeast, where Mississippi appears set to become the first state to take advantage of the recent ruling. The casinos are already in place in multiple cities around the state so it should be a fairly smooth transition into the next era of gambling.

But when exactly will the state start taking bets?

The most likely answer is late July or early August. The gaming commission has its next meeting scheduled for June 21 and they are expected to adopt the new regulations at that time.

Once those regulations have passed, casinos can move forward with sports books. Greg Gaston of Sports 56 in Memphis tweeted that he heard July 21 for the target date.

Whether or not all of the casinos are ready to go that quickly remains to be seen, but you can almost be assured that the biggest casinos around Mississippi will be taking bets before the start of the college football season. And you have to think that they'll want a couple weeks to work out any kinks before that first Saturday of the season on September 1.

In case you're wondering what kind of an impact sports betting will have on states? Take a look at how much Delaware brought in on the first day. On a Tuesday. In the middle of the summer.

The only question that remains is whether Alabama will take advantage of this opportunity to generate revenue or will it continue to hold firm to its stance on gambling?



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