Halloween is right around the corner, and in the spirit of everyone's favorite haunted holiday, Taste of Country Confessions decided to poll some of your favorite country stars to see what makes goosebumps raise on their skin.

If you were expecting answers such as spiders, ghosts, or slasher flicks -- think again. The answers we got were decidedly of the mundane variety.

"I'd say my mom, when she's mad," deadpanned Miranda Lambert, while Tyler Farr joked that a "Lee Brice and Jerrod Niemann combo" gives him bad dreams at night.

RaeLynn chose -- surprisingly -- the sweet Dolly Parton. Eh? "She scared me, because I was nervous to meet her!"

As it turns out, however, Trace Adkins may just find himself a new career opportunity -- as an all-around scary dude. Out of everyone polled, Adkins was at the top of the list as the most frightening thing out there.

"He's like 6'7"?" noted Joe Nichols (who is not precisely a short guy himself). "He looks like he's been shot and stabbed a hundred times, and I think he has."

Meanwhile, duo Maddie & Tae were even more graphic about poor Adkins's inadvertently terrifying qualities. "He scares the crap out of me," admitted Madison Marlow, as Taylor Dye nodded in agreement. "There's not many people with a voice as low as his, and it spooks me because it's soooo loooooow. He's a very intimidating man."

It's a pretty safe bet that Adkins is busy enough right now, but if you ever need someone to play the creepy guy at your next costume party...

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