For a few years now, I've wanted to take my daughter to Disney, but I just couldn't make it work logistically.... Until now.

We're planning to go to Orlando this summer, and I figured that since we're going to be that close to Disney, we might as well check out a couple of parks.  I'd always been told that Magic Kingdom is a "must," but there has been a bit of differing opinions on the others.  So, I took to Facebook to conduct an informal poll.

Once again, Magic Kingdom seemed to be suggested most, and everyone else had their own opinions about which parks they thought we should visit. Some even stated why they chose the ones they chose.  Each reason seemed to be valid.

The thing is we're only going to be there for four days, and I am sure there are more things to enjoy in Orlando. So, I didn't want to commit myself to doing all things Disney; but with the way others are talking, it looks like I should have planned for more days. Looks like we'll be planning another trip to enjoy more of the area.

For those who didn't reply in the post, what would be your choices and why?  The post indicated Disney parks, but if there are others you'd suggest, what would they be?

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