The retail wars just got a little more interesting.

Walmart has announced free two-day shipping, which has been a staple of Amazon Prime's service and one of the reasons the online giant has grown. Walmart's decision to also offer two-day free shipping varies in one enormous respect from Amazon, though: Walmart's policy is free. Amazon charges customers $99 per year.

Walmart will end its ShippingPass plan, which required payment from customers. Anyone who signed up for that will receive a refund.

As part of Walmart's new deal, anyone who spends at least $35 will qualify for free shipping, a drop from the $50 the chain had previously required. As many as two million items will be available for free shipping.

Walmart CEO Marc Lore explained the decision to provide free shipping by saying, "We don’t think it’s necessary to charge a membership for it."

So, how about it? In the wake of this news, would you consider leaving Amazon for Walmart?

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