It's hard to believe but more football is coming back quickly, and in the magic city as well. It was recently announced that the USFL will be playing the entirety of their games in Birmingham, Alabama. With 8 teams in the revival of the league, games will be played in Protective Stadium and Legion Field.

As the day of kickoff inches closer and closer, teams have revealed what their squads will be wearing on the field. As the saying goes ' look good, play good." The Stallions, the team based out of Birmingham, took to social media to reveal their threads:

The Stallions will wear red uniforms during designated home games and white during designated away games. The Stallions will also play in the inaugural game on April 16th against the New Jersey Generals to start the revitalized league.

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The USFL draft will also take place on February 22nd and 23rd:

The 8 team league will play throughout the months of April, May, and June. The season is set to finish in early July, with the championship game taking place in Canton, Ohio.

Many remember the downfall of the previous iteration of the USFL: an antitrust lawsuit against the NFL. The league said in the lawsuit the NFL held a monopoly over TV rights, as well as the NFL being able to have precedence on stadium selection for games.

While the USFL ended up winning the case over the NFL, the risk outweighed the reward. The USFL was awarded 3 dollars and was soon forced to fold.

However, with a new league comes a fresh start, and many are eager to see what the new USFL will bring.

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