Controversy isn't the norm at the CMA Awards, but when they happen, they're absolutely memorable. Wardrobe controversies, social-political stands, songs that slam fellow artists (allegedly) — this collection of Unforgettable CMA Awards Controversies is a reminder that you truly never know what will happen during each year's telecast!

Reba McEntire's early '90s red dress makes this video — you know, the one that left little to the imagination? So do the red ribbons on another country artist's lapel. Kathy Mattea was just supposed to present an award, but she took a stand for her friends, too.

Maybe it's Alan Jackson with the most controversial moment ever, although it's one the CMAs have come to embrace in later years. Jackson wasn't banned for his decision, and neither was Mary Chapin Carpenter, despite performing a song about being mistreated by a country music headliner.

One artist was asked to not return, however, which is a shame because his intentions were pure, even if his actions — burning the card that reveals the Entertainer of the Year's name — were outrageous. No, it's not all one big happy country singalong. The annual CMA Awards often provide artists with an agenda a stage to go off script, and while the winners and performances are mostly center stage, it's these sideways deviations that leave jaws on the floor and get viewers talking.

Check out more CMA Awards history below. The 2019 CMA Awards are on Nov. 13 at 8PM ET on ABC.

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