One of the most well-known and well-loved duos in country music history, Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton released 13 albums together over the course of 13 years. Making their debut as an act in 1967 after Wagoner invited Parton to be part of his popular weekly TV show, The Porter Wagoner Show, as well as his his traveling show, the country icons released dozens of beloved singles, ranging from upbeat love songs to heartbreaking ballads.

Although Parton and Wagoner parted ways in 1974 amidst strife and fighting, the two made peace and reunited later in life. And even though they didn't sing it together, one of Parton's most famous singles, "I Will Always Love You" was written about her longtime friendship and partnership with Wagoner.

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    "The Last Thing on My Mind"

    From 'Just Between You and Me' (1968)

    Originally recorded by Tom Paxton, "The Last Thing on My Mind" was the very first duet that Wagoner and Parton released together. Put out as a single in 1967, it gave the pair their first Top 10 song; the song hit No. 6 on the charts and established what would become one of country music's most beloved duos.

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    "Say Forever You'll Be Mine"

    From 'Say Forever You'll Be Mine' (1975)

    Released on Parton and Wagoner's album of the same name, "Say Forever You'll Be Mine" gave the pair a Top 5 country hit when it was released in 1975. Lyrics including "Troubled clouds may fill our skies  / It might even rain awhile / But the rain will go away / There's always a brighter day" make for a sweet love song about sticking together through thick and thin.

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    "Just Someone I Used to Know"

    From 'Porter Wayne and Dolly Rebecca' (1970)

    Written by Jack Clement, "Just Someone I Used to Know" appears on Parton and Wagoner's 1970 album Porter Wayne and Dolly Rebecca. It was the fourth release from duo who had, by then, become a household name, but lyrics such as “When they ask who’s in the picture, I say, ‘Just someone I used to know,'” served as sad foreshadowing when, in 1974, Wagoner and Parton parted ways acrimoniously. Don't worry, though: They made peace and reunited before Wagoner's death; Parton even visited his bedside on the day he died.

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    "Making Plans"

    From 'Porter & Dolly' (1980)

    "Making Plans" appears on Wagoner and Parton's final album of duets, Porter & Dolly, which was released in August of 1980. The simple yet stunning track illustrates the heartache of breaking up so beautifully that it's no surprise "Making Plans" gave Wagoner and Parton one of their biggest hits. The song reached No. 2 on the country charts, and Parton went on to re-record the song with Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris for their award-winning 1987 album Trio.

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    "Please Don't Stop Loving Me"

    From 'Porter 'n' Dolly' (1974)

    In 1974, "Please Don't Stop Loving Me" gave Wagoner and Parton their only No. 1 hit as a duet with its upbeat melody and honest lyrics. "You're my inspiration, my purpose in life / When things go all wrong, you make them all right," sings Wagoner in one verse. "I would be useless if you ever leave  / So please, oh please don't stop loving me." Desperate love has never sounded so good!

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