Get ready for the Tide to roll with this year's Homecoming Parade! The annual parade will be held at 1 p.m. and will take place along its traditional route along Greensboro Avenue and then University Boulevard downtown towards the University of Alabama campus.

The theme this year is "Home Sweet Capstone." Here's more from the SGA:

"This year’s homecoming theme is an embodiment of the 2017 Executive Committee’s vision for the homecoming experience. It is our sincerest wish for homecoming to engage The University of Alabama community in a cohesive celebration of the Capstone’s rich traditions. For this reason, the homecoming theme calls on us to celebrate the emphasis of our institution on familial traditions and athletic domination through honoring our home, which has brought about new growth and new ideas, and legacy of community and The Capstone Creed in everything that we do.  We look forward to a week that will embody the true spirit of homecoming, as well as foster relationships with past, present, and future students."

Check out the rest if this year's Homecoming Schedule HERE.

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