Tim McGraw and Faith Hill make up one of country's most powerful (and most adorable) couples. That's why we're celebrating this phenomenal pair by reminiscing over some of their cutest moments through the years.

McGraw and Hill wed in October of 1996 and have had three beautiful daughters together since tying the knot. Gracie Katherine, Maggie Elizabeth and Audrey Caroline are part of the couple's happy home life, but even in front of the cameras, the two aren't afraid of snuggling up to remind us how much they love one another (yes, we saw that butt grab, Tim!). McGraw can't seem to keep his hands off his superstar wife, but who can really blame him? Check out these pictures of country music's leading couple together over the years.

Both turned 50 in recent years and have different ways of making sure the hands of time don't start groping them. McGraw works out daily, while Hill relies on inner-strength and a positive attitude to stay young. Both recognize age lines, but neither are bothered by them. In fact, if you asked McGraw what his favorite way of seeing his wife is, he'd tell you without makeup, with her hair down.

Here's to at least another 26 years from this power couple!

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