Alabama has been fantastic on the field, to say the least. The wins continue to pile up, and sometimes interesting stats get lost in the shuffle. One that many Tide fans don't know is about to hit a new milestone.

As it turns out, Alabama's record of taking on unranked opponents is terrific. So much so that Alabama is about to hit a streak of 100 wins over unranked opponents. Which is just phenomenal on its own, but there's more.

Yes, this is the longest streak in the AP Poll since 1936. To put that in perspective, the national champion in 1936 was so difficult to decide, there were multiple champions. Not only that, but Alabama is miles ahead of the Clemson Tigers, the Cincinnati Bearcats, and the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

It just goes to show that Alabama's dominance over college football is unprecedented for the past few years. And it's not been easy as many fans possibly remember. Most all of us can remember the really close games the Tide fought through.

One of the most famous is "Rocky Block" in 2009, where it came down to a last-second field goal block for the Tide to preserve their undefeated season. Alabama also faced another close call the same season in the Iron Bowl, when a score with 1:24 left in the game saved the Tide from heartbreak.

In 2014, Alabama was faced with another close call from the Arkansas Razorbacks. The saving grace? A blocked PAT left the score 14-13 in the Tide's favor. The most recent scare to the streak however is more recent.

Tennessee once again made Tide fans reach for the heart medication in 2015, as a strip-sack fumble saved the Tide, and helped them reach the National Championship that year. So the road to the feat is paved with close calls.

How long will Alabama be able to keep this streak going? Only time will tell.

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