Thanksgiving is this Thursday, and I have heard your pleas. I have decided, after much internal debate, to finally share my personal best. This is a Thanksgiving hack so great I hate to share it, but I am committed to y'all and am ready to spread the love. 

This is it, fam. This is my #1 ultimate Thanksgiving hack.

I wear maternity leggings.

Judge all you want, but it works. Granted, the stomach pooch on the leggings is oversized, but I just roll the waistband over until after turkey time. I wear a long shirt or tunic, and no one knows.

Everyone is sitting around the table about to pop out of their jeans and khakis while I am comfortable as heck in my leggings. I'm telling you, it sounds ridiculous at first, but maternity leggings changed my GAME. I'm so glad I didn't toss mine out after I had my daughter. It's been five years, and I pull those bad boys out every Turkey Day.

Laugh at me if you want, but I'm the real winner here.

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