If only we could achieve this level of bliss.

Meet Mok, a cat that is so blissfully cool you could place a bottle of soda next to it and not need ice to drink it the next morning.

He's just hanging out, taking in the scenery and letting life pass him by, all while he props himself up against a wall like a person. It's just another example of an animal suffering from an identity crisis -- remember this turtle that thought it was a dog?

The internet is the landing spot for cat videos and this one is unique because, well, it's a cat video where a cat doesn't do anything. Well, cats don't anything, in general, but this feline doesn't do anything in specific.

Maybe he's thinking about who to hiss at next. Maybe he's thinking about what time to get up and hit the litter box. Maybe he's thinking about where to hide so no one can find him. Or maybe he's not thinking at all and just passing the time.

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