The Perfect Fall Cabin Getaway In The Smoky Mountains 

Fall is just days away! You've been stuck in the house due to COVID-19 and you need a great cabin getaway. I have the perfect suggestion! Aunt Bug's Cabins.

My wife actually surprised me with a trip to Aunt Bug's Cabins for my birthday one year. It was my first time in a cabin and I enjoyed it so much. Driving up to the cabins, the view was beautiful. The cabins are in the Great Smoky Mountains and the views are breathtaking.

Aunt Bug's Cabins

We had a 3 bedroom cabin with a spacious living room, a gaming area, and a washer and dryer. The balcony was amazing. It overlooked the mountains and the nearby ski lift. We also had a jacuzzi on the balcony and a gas grill that we definitely used multiple times. It's nothing like grilling in the mountains! I loved it so much, I booked another cabin for our babymoon last December.

Aunt Bug's has close to 150 options to choose from on their website. You can select the things you want to have in your cabin or disregard the things you can do without. fo us, the big screen tv was a must as well as Wi-Fi. The booking process was very easy and seamless. I paid online and received the door code shortly after. In the world of COVID-19, we can all appreciate contactless transactions. Once we arrived everything was clean and set for us to have an amazing weekend in the cabins.

If you want a cabin with a pool, that's no problem, they had indoor and outdoor pool options. you can even get a cabin on the lake for fishing, or at the creek. Aunt Bug's has cabins for any occasion. Honeymoon, anniversary, family getaway, or if you just want to go enjoy the mountain views alone, it's all possible with Aunt Bug's cabins.

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