News about that Raging Bull not-really-sequel hasn’t exactly been making headlines for the past four years or so. After MGM “amicably separated” themselves from the project and the makers agreed not to call it Raging Bull II, everyone kinda forgot about it. But now it’s here, with a new name and a trailer and everything.

Whereas Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull is a remarkable, poetic piece of work that saw Robert De Niro at his most terrifying, The Bronx Bull leans much more towards the biopic angle of the spectrum, chronicling Jake LaMotta’s life from kid who likes to fight a lot to grown man who likes to fight a lot… in court. Kind of a before-and-after of all the things the original movie didn’t touch on. The synopsis reads as follows:

Based on the tumultuous real-life experiences of legendary boxing champion Jake LaMotta, The Bronx Bull chronicles his rise as a world-class boxer and his struggles with life outside of the ring, offering an unflinchingly honest look into the heart of a champion.

Funny enough, the project stars Paul Sorvino and Tom Sizemore, who each starred alongside De Niro in two other pictures: Goodfellas and Heat, respectively. De Niro won’t be in this movie, obviously, since it sin’t a sequel, but you can tell from the trailer that Martin Guigui has tried his hardest to make this look as Scorsese-ian as possible. Does it work? Well, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be the next Raging Bull, but this is just the first trailer, so we’ll see.

The Bronx Bull opens in theaters and VOD January 6, 2017.

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