Mother's Day weekend is here and I asked my wife what she wanted to eat for the weekend. I have a big dinner planned for her, but I always like to ask her for suggestions in case there is something she wants to eat. when I asked her, the answer shocked me! She said, " I want Taco Casa!" LOL!

With us, both being new to Alabama, and Tuscaloosa specifically, we have no idea how the food at Taco Casa tastes. All we know is that the line STAYS PACKED every time we see a Taco Casa around town. As we all know, the first impression is everything. I've been asking listeners to send me their Taco Casa suggestions because we only have one shot at this. The hype is so built up, and we want it to be good, we can't afford to not get the best thing on the menu.

One listener suggested we try the taco salad and the taco burger. First of all, TACO BURGER?!! I'm sold! The chimichanga extra hot was another suggestion. The most detailed suggestion was a full order. I was told to get the messy nachos, two hot beef burritos, and a sweet tea.

I can tell you that I'm too excited to try this Tuscaloosa staple. I've yet to see a Taco Casa and the line wasn't wrapped around the building. To me, that's a dead giveaway that the food is FIRE! Let me know your Taco Casa suggestions. What is the best thing on the menu? Hit me up on Facebook @BigDawgDreDay.


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