What if I told you there is quarry turned scuba facility where you can dive, swim, kayak, paddleboard, and even become a mermaid? And the best part--it's less than an hour away from Tuscaloosa!

Blue Water Park, located in Pelham, is home to a 26-acre quarry that's since been filled with beautiful blue water. The park offers scuba diving for new and experienced divers as well as scuba equipment sales and rentals. Divers can check out a submerged fire truck, sail boat, school bus, and more in addition to the local aquatic life--everything from bass, catfish, Japanese koi, and freshwater jellyfish to turtles.

If you like to kayak, you can do it at Blue Water Park. They offer kayak rentals, or you can bring your own to check out the quarry. The park looks ridiculously cool, and I think it would be so much fun to explore all 26 acres via kayak.

Blue Water Park via Facebook

Blue Water Park offers paddleboard rentals as well, and you can also get fit through paddleboard yoga classes. I may not be the most graceful woman in the world, but even I would like to try a paddleboard yoga class. Summer is so HOT in Alabama, so knowing I could get a workout while being thisclose to cool quarry water is a major plus in my book.

Blue Water Park via Facebook

And did I mention you can learn to become a mermaid at Blue Water Park? They offer mermaid classes and camps for both kids and adults. You learn how to swim with one of these mermaid tales on, and it looks SO COOL.

Blue Water Park is located at 100 Industrial Park Drive in Pelham. For more information on their park and classes, check out their website HERE.

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