Milk doesn't always do a body good.

There's an entire corner of the Internet dedicated to unboxing, but this video sure gets its own spot.

There's a lot to, well, unbox, here. A man whose face we never see decides to use a pretty healthy-sized knife to cut open a carton of milk -- from the side of the box. That isn't so riveting, but what caught our eye is the fact he chooses to slice directly toward his own hand. With all the milk that eventually flows, he's lucky he didn't slip up and go from 10 fingers to nine.

We're not exactly sure why he even chose to use a knife to open the milk, but that's almost beside the point. And if he had managed to cut himself, it'd be tough to feel too badly for him because, well, you know, there's that whole no crying over spilled milk thing you always hear about.

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