Shania Twain's "Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed" video is more a celebration of artistic expression than it is a music video, but she's taking center stage — and she is all sorts of fierce.

Dressed in a flowing, sheer black gown, Twain stands in a chic dance studio as ballet dancers bring the song to life around her. Twain's fiery song serves as a backdrop as the incredible dancers, all dressed in all white, partner off and show off their sensual movements, combining grace with intensity. The visual elements gets even more interesting when color is thrown into the mix - literally - as the dancers toss multicolored paint in the air, transforming their white outfits into vibrant works of art.

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The singer kicks the fierce factor up a notch when she rocks out to the track in a sparkling jumpsuit before letting loose with the dancers. The video comes to a powerful close as Twain gets lost in the song, feeling every movement as she sings "I'm swinging with my eyes closed / Got my hair down a wide open road / I'm swinging with my eyes closed / Only god knows how far it goes." The video's awe-inspiring dancers, coupled with Twain's sense of empowerment, makes it feel like a celebration of freedom and liberation.

"Swinging' With My Eyes Closed" is featured on Twain's new album, Now, and serves as the second single following "Life’s About to Get Good."

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