These two have more moves than years between them.

Austrian Nellia Ehrentraut, 64, and her husband, Dietmar, 70, have gone viral for this fantastic video in which they bust a move at a dance contest in Germany.

It's a clip that the Daily Mirror says has been watched more than 62 million times.

"This dance has become an integral part of our lives," Nellia said. "We discovered the 1950s music scene and found like-minded people at concerts and festivals."

The couple, who've been married since 1970 and compete in several contests, should be good on their feet -- they've been dancing for over three decades and told ABC, "We still have a lot of fun."

If you'd like to learn more about Nellia and Dietmar and, you know, can read German, check out their website.

Pretty impressive, right? They dance and have their own website. And you thought your grandparents were cool because they finally got the hint that that "quarter in your ear" joke is lame.

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