Actress Roseanne Barr is riding high currently on the reboot of her much-beloved TV series, which aired its second episode Tuesday night. However, all the love in the world for the Conners doesn't excuse Barr's unexpected attack on one of country music's finest; namely, Reba McEntire.

Barr, out of nowhere on Tuesday (April 3), decided to take aim at McEntire's humorous recent KFC commercial, where she played the first female Colonel Sanders ever.

It's not clear why Barr decided to take this potshot at McEntire, whom she has no prior beef with. The two are about the same age (Barr, 65; McEntire, 63) and have no conflicting history.

Sure, McEntire's commercial raised a few eyebrows as being a bit nutty—and her enviably trim figure suggests she probably doesn't indulge in fast food on a regular basis—but the singer had already assured any possibly skeptical fans that she is truly a fan of the chain. "I said 'Holy smokes!'," she told news outlets. "KFC has been a part of my life forever."

Furthermore, the commercial makes no divisive statement, and (until now) has been overall viewed as simply fun and amusing.

Fans were firmly on McEntire's side for this entire odd debate.

But some fans just wanted everyone to play nice.

Predictably, McEntire herself made no comment about the matter.

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