Almost every day Rory Feek walks to the back of his family’s property and sits on a bench near where Joey Martin Feek is buried. During a recent television interview the 51-year-old Joey + Rory singer revealed that he still brings her coffee.

The touching interview aired on CBS News on Sunday morning. Feek talks about how he and the couple’s 2-year-old daughter Indiana are coping since Joey’s death in March. He reveals that he is struggling to order a stone for her grave. “It probably has something to do with permanence,” he says.

In the video viewers see Joey’s resting place, and the bench where Rory goes daily.

“Almost every day,” he says. “I got a place for my coffee and hers. And we still have coffee together.”

Indiana is doing well. She occasionally asks for her mother, but it's mostly when they're in the car and she wants to hear her mother's music. Rory frequently shares video of his daughter playing, or learning a new lesson or skill. The family's story will be told on Sept. 20 and Oct. 6 in a movie called To Joey, With Love.

Raising his daughter, blogging at the This Life I Live blog and making movies take up most of Rory's time now. He admits he's no longer writing music, staying true to his statement that he'll never perform again. "I don't want to be on stage without her," he says.

"It wasn’t something that I loved that much, to be on stage performing. She loved to be on stage performing, and I loved to stand next to her. I just had the best seat in the house, to watch the world discover my wife."

Joey Martin Feek died at the age of 40 on March 4, 2016. She had been battling cancer for nearly two years. As a duo, Joey + Rory were recently nominated for the Vocal Duo of the Year Award for the 2016 CMAs.

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