The best redneck songs celebrate a lifestyle that haters of country music may think of as unsophisticated. A few goof on some of the more gaudy, rowdy behaviors, but all 10 songs found on this list embrace men and women capable of living off the land, fixing their trucks and speaking their minds. If there's anything country fans have learned over the past 20, 30 or 50 years, it's that there is no shame in proudly announcing that you're a "red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red redneck."

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    "Boys 'Round Here"

    Blake Shelton

    A song that goes "Red, red, red, red ... redneck" has to be included on our 10 of the Most Redneck Country Songs Ever list. Blake Shelton's 2013 jam represents the modern redneck — a man or woman whose tastes extend beyond the stereotype. It's a hip-hop-infused jam that doesn't grow old.

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    Jason Aldean

    Jason Aldean's debut single helped make country roads and Pall Malls fashionable. The Georgia-born singer celebrates trucks, muddin' and White Rain hairspray on a Friday night. "Hicktown" is an infectious country-rock jam that's practically built to be blasted well beyond an open tailgate.

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    "No Trash in My Trailer"

    Colt Ford (Feat. George Jones)

    George Jones brought instant credibility to Colt Ford's first single, "No Trash in My Trailer." The country legend provided the chorus and co-starred in the music video for a song about kicking a no-good woman out because she won't accept the redneck (Ford) for who he is. "Cause there ain't no trash in my trailer / Though you might find an empty can of beer / No there ain't been no trash in my trailer oh no / Since the day I threw you out of here," they sing. It may be the least known of these 10 songs, but the 2008 cut is definitely deserving.

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    "High-Tech Redneck"

    George Jones

    Jones recorded his own redneck song 15 years before cutting the duet with Ford. "High-Tech Redneck" is the title track of Jones' 1993 album. It's comical to listen to what he's calling "high-tech" more than 20 years later, but the spirit of the song is understood.

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    "Country Boy"

    Alan Jackson

    Alan Jackson wrote and recorded a number of hits that could be called redneck songs, but his No. 1 from 2009 stands above the rest. The tune is about picking a girl up for a little fun in the country, and the truck and dirt roads actually star more prominently than the beauty in the passenger seat. "Big 35s windin' on the asphalt / Grabbin' mud, and slingin' up some red dirt / 'Cause I'm a country boy," Jackson sings in a voice that's just as timeless as this song.

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    "Country Boy Song"

    Earl Dibbles Jr.

    Barbed wire tattoo? Check. Overalls? You betcha. "I'm a redneck / I'm white trash," Granger Smith — err, Earl Dibbles Jr. — proclaims in "Country Boy Song." Dip in your lip? Got that too. This one's an anthem for rednecks everywhere.

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    "Redneck Yacht Club"

    Craig Morgan

    Craig Morgan's 2005 hit was embraced by many who don't typically turn to country music for inspiration. The track paints a picture many Americans can relate to: "Side by side, there's five houseboat front porches / AstroTurf, lawn chairs and tiki torches / Regular Joes rockin' the boat, that's us / The Redneck Yacht Club." There's not a summertime lake to be found that doesn't include a similar scene.

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    "Sweet Home Alabama"

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" wasn't a redneck song when it was released in 1974, but over the years it has come to symbolize rednecks nationwide — and there's nothing wrong with that. The all-time classic is more of a celebration of Alabama and the south in general, but the spirit of Ronnie Van Zant's lyrics will forever inspire millions of country music fans to crack open a cold beer and raise it to being free.

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    "Redneck Woman"

    Gretchen Wilson

    Gretchen Wilson went from an unknown former bartender from Illinois to a country superstar in less than two months after "Redneck Woman" was released in 2004. There hasn't been another song that let country fans — especially female country fans — know there's not a dang thing wrong with buying your lingerie at Walmart and swiggin' beer like the boys. This was a game-changing song from an artist who arguably paved the way for women like Miranda Lambert to follow.

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    "A Country Boy Can Survive"

    Hank Williams Jr.

    Hank Williams Jr.'s "A Country Boy Can Survive" may forever be the ultimate redneck anthem. Few have as much natural attitude as Bocephus, and no other song showcases that grit with so much pride: "We’re from north California and south Alabama / And little towns all around this land / And we can skin a buck, we can run a trot-line / And a country boy can survive." There was no better choice for the No. 1 redneck song of all time.

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