Over the past four decades, country music's sonic landscape has changed and evolved, but one thing has remained constant: Reba McEntire. The icon is the only country female solo act to have a No. 1 hit in four straight decades.

McEntire's hits began in 1982, when she shot straight to the top of the charts with "Can't Even Get the Blues," her first-ever No. 1 song. The '80s were a fantastic decade for her, with hits such as "How Blue," "Little Rock," "Love Will Find Its Way to You" and "New Fool at an Old Game," among others, propelling McEntire to the top of country music and solidifying her place as a household name and country star.

The '90s were also a strong time for the fiery redhead, and she churned out chart-toppers "You Lie," "Is There Life Out There," "Does He Love You" (with Linda Davis) and "How Was I to Know" in addition to many other hit songs. McEntire released eight full-length studio albums during the decade.

In the 2000s, McEntire dropped three records, and "Somebody" and "Consider Me Gone" were her two No. 1 songs from 2000 through 2009. Since 2010, "Turn on the Radio" has become a country hit for the singer; it's from "All the Women I Am."

Throughout her prolific career, McEntire has achieved 35 No. 1 singles and sold over 56 million albums worldwide and more than 9 million tickets while touring. Who knows what could be ahead for her in the next four decades?

Check out the video above -- part of Taste of Country‘s You Think You Know Country? series -- to learn more about McEntire's colorful and hit-filled history.

Reba McEntire Through the Years

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