Sad news for Electronics Geeks, Ham Radio Operators, Technophiles, and even Radio DJ's & Moblie Dj's, (like myself). Radio Shack is closing 552 Stores Nationwide, and two Alabama Radio Shack Stores are on the list.  Reason why? The company is maneuvering it's way through its 2nd Backruptcy in two years

Radio Shack Officials say that the 552 stores, represent roughly 36% of its locations. Officials also added that the fate of the remaining 1,000 stores remains undetermined at this time. That would  leave approximately 400 stores, (which are operated by independent dealers), that would remain open for the time being.

The two stores In Alabama closing are Madison and Mobile.

While researching this story, I reached out to The Northport Radio Shack Store located in The Northwood Shopping Center. As far as I know, that is the only Radio Shack Store in our area. However, when I called their phone number, I was greeted with a recorded message which said: "Due to unforeseen circumstances, this store location is temporarily closed". So, I guess that means that we don't have ANY Radio Shack Stores in our area anymore.

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It's unfortunate, but not surprising. With retailers like Best Buy and Walmart, plus Amazon, it really is tough for a store like Radio Shack to compete. I'm sad to see it go. Lord knows that I spent a LOT of money at their stores over the years. They always had what I needed at fair prices.

R.I.P. Radio Shack

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